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Happy Monday Amanda!
You and your ENTIRE team are Amazing.  You all touched my heart so deeply on Friday  when I received the card, not to mention opening it and seeing all the personal Handwritten heartfelt expressions .  I was truly overtaken with your compassion.  I could read almost everyone’s signature, a few I could not. 
Thanks Amanda, Vic, James, Kelly, Laurie, Jamie, Heidi, Shannon (?), and also the person who signed below you but above Vic.  Looks like the name begins with a P?
You are a DREAM Team!  Best wishes to each of you for continued successes daily, and throughout life’s journey.

Thank you all!

Toll Free: 1-888-863-2101 Local: (518) 863-2100

TyThank you!

 Once again I must tell you that you guys are awesome to work with. I recommend your company to drivers on a regular basis that are trying to get into this business.